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1. dysfunctional city dwellers, prone to acts of violence or aggression

2. city-dwelling, undomesticated, ignorant, amoral members of the lower class; often adored with tattoos and affiliated with gangs

3. work-averse inner city thugs engaging in illicit schemes of self-enrichment (e.g. looting, robbery, carjacking, knockdown games), at the expense of innocent victims perceived as weak or defenseless (e.g. old people, lone drunks, gays, transvestites)

4. followers of corrupt, self-aggrandizing corporate extortionists and inciters of race riots, such as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton

a: "Dude, those feral urbanites have been following us for the last half hour"

b: "S'ahright, man, if they try to rob us I'll trayvon the first one -- the others will scatter like cockroaches when the lights go on"
by GoAheadMakeMyDay July 25, 2012