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same as to fap, but this variation is used to bypass the chat filter in runescape
oh my god look at that jailbait! brb fepping
by vng December 03, 2008
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fucken english punter.

a particularly sad excuse for a human originating from england and travelling overseas to experience different cultures. they can be identified by their bad teeth, constant whining, dubious personal hygiene and terrible loud accents. they bring nothing good to anywhere they go and make whatever place they go to shittier than it was before. feps will attempt to assimilate themselves into the local culture of where ever they unwittingly end up, but due to their various physical flaws (fat, janky grill, nappy hair, ugly, foul smelling) they are typically rejected by the local populous and left to form their own peer groups.

undeterred by the constant rejection they receive from the locals of whatever place they have arrived in they will happily delude themselves into thinking they're having a great time experiencing a new and exciting place. they will dress as the locals do and attempt to do whatever the locals do for fun. they will generally botch these attempts up and become the butt of many humorous jokes among the local population. they invariably end up spending their time doing exactly what they would have done had they stayed at home, this being getting drunk, being hung over and going to work.
what the fuck is that idiot up to?! oh its a fep.... of course it is. fucken feps!
by daveo44 December 01, 2009
The sound oZwald makes when he's being railed from behind by a bunch of vulgartermforblackpersons
ozwald : " OH, Jamal, harder!!! *fep fep fep*"
by rykn0zwald March 27, 2005

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