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Used to describe various states of erection. SEP is an acronym for Semi-Erect Penis which indicates a slightly heightened state of arousal, NEP stands for Non-Erect Penis which is completely and utterly flacid and FEP which is Fully-Erect Penis which indicates a maximum state of arousal and erection.
Tom "What do you think of that chick, are you getting a SEP, NEP, FEP?"

Vince "She's giving me a FEP, thats what I think"
by vinnyg December 03, 2007
When two criminal enterprises engage in violent attacks on each other for control of power and the flow of money
Tony Montana: You wana go to war? Wel take you to war!
by VinnyG April 21, 2012
To be tell an utterly pointless, boring and often stupid story.
Tom "Do you remember that one time when I won a cheeseburger and then you went up and got it?"
Vince "Yeah, ok Slappy"
by vinnyg December 03, 2007

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