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To bother in an impish fashion.

If a wasp is fenging you it's not actually about to sting you, but sort of dancing around you and being threatening.
Will someone find this kid's parents? He's been fenging me all afternoon.
by DKlone1 August 17, 2009
short for the film maker Alexander Feng
Person 1:Dude, thats Feng!!
Person 2:I loved his films
by Bound n' Gagged June 22, 2007
to burn around insanely in a totally un-hot factory standard famliy car (mostly conducted in echos, peurgeots or morries)
"look at him, havin' a FENG!"
"fenged it to the airport this morning.
DAMN that was a good feng!"
by Looney man and the mini-loon October 26, 2004
A chinaman with three nipples, one of which is around the colarbone region, Who also posses no fantasy hockey skills.
Look at that Feng.. no wonder he sucks at tennis... he has three nipples!
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