The largest bone in your body, connected to your hip. Very useful for the agressive guy on top.
"Me and my boyfriend had CRAZY sex last knight. I just laid down naked while he licked my titties and used his femurs to fuck me to eternity."
by J (As my friends call me =)) April 24, 2008
Top Definition
verb-to snap, crack, or otherwise damage the bone in the upper leg, which connects the hip to the knee.

Origin: Late 1990's. Invented by 'swoopers', extreme athletes that get their daily adrenaline skydiving and skimming the ground.
"Hey man, you hear about AJ? Dude came down over the north field, got his boot caught on a rock and femured. He's done for like six months."
by Tom Blackwell April 16, 2004
A person strung out or addicted to anything. Mainly, but not limited to illegal drugs.
Thomas: (Calling friend on phone) Man where the hell are you at?!?!? I've had this blount rolled up and ready to smoke for 2 hours!!!

Chuck: Man calm down, i'll be there in five minutes femur!
by desmon lemon June 26, 2007
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