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When a female forgets about her hygeine and does not care to remove the hair above her upper-lip.
As I was being interviewed for my job, I could not stand the femstache on my interviewer. I was so into that femstache that I failed to get the job.
by Audmeister February 26, 2007
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A female mustache- you know it's there and try to keep it waxed. On sunny days it can be witnessed in the suns light. On day's like this it is best to hang out in the shade.

Some ladies have the femstache and will not do anything about it, you often feel compelled to grab a pair of tweezers and pull.
She was fully aware of her femstache( kicking herself for not waxing the night before.) but the office douche had to point it out anyway.
by spacewalking44 October 22, 2013
The dark har on some female's upper lip.

Female + moustache = femstache
Did you see that woman? Her femstache was so hairy it looked like there was a fuzzy caterpillar on her upper lip!
by Emmaedamae October 28, 2014

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