femi dream on
yeah right
by jus call me a freind February 12, 2004
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A large black man that no one fucks with. He is the baddest nigga out there and will kick anyone's ass. Respect this motherfucker. If you are bad to him he will usually ignore you and move on in life.
Man see that nigga over the? Yeah man. That's the hardest nigga out there they call him femi
by Sadboyz2001 January 29, 2014
A female penis.
What's in your pants Elektra?

Oh nothing. Just my femis.
by patricia&co April 10, 2010
A female semi.
"Once I caught sight of that hot bod I totally got a Femi."
by Thornbrow April 13, 2010
A woman that is so beautiful, you would (or already have) cheated on your wife or soulmate with her
Man, there are a bunch of femi's at the club tonight...betta be careful!
by Johnny Jacuzzi April 13, 2004

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