person (man or woman) who strongly believes that the intellectual abilities of a person of feminine gender are comparable to those of a person of male gender and therefore women should be rewarded by equal (to men) social success and appreciation. Extrapolating further on this idea, a feminist is a person who believes that a woman who is gifted with high intelligence, has a strong intellectual foundation / background and exceptional interest and experience CAN take on social roles and responsibilities that previously were thought of as roles that only male gender persons can fulfill. "Social roles" meaning: contributing to the development of science and research (in fields such as physics, chemistry, economy etc), participating in decision making for large social communities (in roles of mayor, senator, governor etc.), participating in the media in a moral and dignified manner (persons of female gender were priorly represented by entertainment especially in scandalous attires for the entertainment of the public) along with the belief that the voiced opinion of a woman who is expert in an area should certainly weight more than the opinion of a person of male gender who is mildly familiar with the topic.

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Misinterpretations of the term 'FEMINIST':
Feminist = men hater. This is a confusion that occurs often in nature. Hating of men as a group, or generally hating a social group that presents a particular common trait (such as gender, color, belief, practice, hobby) constitutes a type of behavior which is known as discrimination. The term 'feminist' has positive connotations and thus is a term that differs and has nothing in common with the expression 'men hater.'

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Misconception regarding the term 'feminist' = feminist means striving to achieve equality of men and women BUT on a social level. "Equality" in this context, means allowing the women to perform work that she can rightfully perform and rewarding women with the credit and respect due and commensurate to their respective intellectual abilities and work effort. Stating that 'women should pay for dinner just as men do' do not make the domain of what the term 'feminist' means. The process of romantic courtship as it is present in nature in most animal species involves the male gender individual performing certain rituals and displays of his physical qualities and his social power in order to advertise himself to female gender individuals as a good potential father (genetically, as well as in terms of his ability of caring for the offspring until they reach adulthood.) Therefore behaviors and displays that pertain to what constitutes "romantic courtship" have nothing to do with that which the term "feminism" describes. As "feminism" is a term that qualifies a woman from a purely intellectual and mental ability stand point.

In the light of misinterpreting the statement "feminism = women equality to men" we could ask a man and woman to perform a same physically strenuous task. It is expected and normal that a man would be more successful due to the more robust and rugged built of the male body.

FEMINISM -> does not argue with the laws of nature, it argues for an alteration of the outdated laws of a society.
Mike is convinced that Clinton could be a better president than either Obama or McCain. I knew that Mike was very avidly following politics but now it appears without a doubt and in an unplanned manner that he is a bit of a feminist as well.
by MeIz Anonymous June 13, 2008
A feminist can be a man or a woman no matter from what race, class, sexuality, gender etc who believe in equal rights between the sexes, races, classes, genders. Anyone can be a femnist. There are different types of feminist ranging from Radical, Liberal, Conservative, Cultural, Ecofeminism, Socialist, Marxxist, Black feminism, the list can go on.
For example, bell hooks definition of feminism/ feminist is " Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression." All types of oppression need to end before there's true equality between everyone in this world. But if people like most of the people who posted very hateful and mysoginist comments under Feminism, keep thinking the same way there will never be true equality and bliss in this world. So for all the people who believe in the stereotypes of feminism should educated themselves about feminism before you talk negatively about it.
by feministnerd March 24, 2010
You may have heard that feminists are man-hating lesbians who like to burn their bras in public, or bitter women who don't shave their armpits and despise sex. AND, if you listen to Pat Robertson, feminists are encouraged to kill their own children and overthrow the government. If you haven't guessed it already, all of the above - ranging from the silly to the outright ridiculous - are simply stereotypes. The actual definition of a feminist (according to the American Heritage Dictionary) is someone, male or female, who believes in social, political and economic equality between the sexes. Basically, feminists believe that women and men should be treated the same and given the same rights. Now that yu know the definition of "feminist", here's a little background info. Even though the term was developed in France (feminisme) in the mid-1800s, it didn't become popular until the 1960s. By the 1960s, the women's movement was well underway and women all over were campaigning for equal rights across the board - from eliminating job discrimination to gaining reproductive rights and political representation in the government. Previously, these women's groups had used the term "women's liberationist" to define themselves, but as it began to lose popularity they embraced the term "feminist." So hw did this word come to have such negative connotations? Like most things that are challenged, the previous, male-dominated power structure felt threatened. Change can be scary; and now women were demanding equal pay for equal work or the ability to make choices about their own bodies. Women were rightfully angry and did some very radical things (though no bras were burned, contrary to popular belief). It is much easier for people to put down feminism than admit that society must change its ways. Also, many people tended to (and still do) think that since the term "feminism" has "fem" in it, a feminist must be someone who wishes to raise women above men. But if you look to the actual definition of a feminist, it's simply about creating an even playing field for men and women. And you cannot forget the people or language used that encourages these negative connotations. The term feminazi (feminist + nazi) has been used to criticize feminists, purporting the stereotype that they have a Nazi-esque hatred for men as well as believing that women are superior to men. Therefore, a cycle of anti-feminist discourse is always playing.

Have you ever realised that a woman will often get paid less for doing exactly the same job as a man? We are strong, brave, independent women, and we deserve the same respect and rights that men have. So why don't we see it happening? This is what feminists believe, and this is what I believe. If you have a problem with that, don't complain to me.
by xX_nameless_seductress_Xx May 04, 2007
A woman who believes she deserves respect from everyone and should not be treated different based on gender or, if you think about it, the fact that she can make the world a better place. (you guys aren't making the babies am i correct?)

A common misconseption is that all feminists hate men, don't shave and are lesbian. That is very false. Feminism is about loving who you are as a woman, it almost has nothing to do with men. I believe that for that exact reason guys felt excluded and decided to make a joke out of it.
Feminist:"Sexist jokes arn't funny... Why do you think its cool to insult women. Would you say that to your mom?"
Sexist Guy:"Oh go shave your legs and stop kissing girls"
Feminist:"Um... I shave my legs. And my boyfriends right over there. Loser."
by .Wonderwoman. October 15, 2006
A feminist is anyone who supports gender equality for women. A feminist also:
- hates it when women are objectified by men

-is upset that the Equal Rights Amendment still is yet to be passed
-is someone who fucking hates misogynists and will kick their fucking asses if they even so much as utter a sexist comment
-secretly thinks girls are way better than guys and should be more present in politics excluding Sarah Palin and Meg Whitman (both disgraces to womenkind)

Note: All women should be offended by misogynistic and degrading comments; society just feels the need to classify women who are outspoken about it
Guy: Dude, you kick like a girl

Feminist (overhearing comment): As a woman and feminist who is offended by that comment, I request that you take it back

Guy: No way, bitch

Any Girl in this situation, not just a feminist: You fucking chauvinist pig, go fuck yourself
by Hit Girl 222 October 26, 2010
Someone who is conveniently absent on lifeboats.
Feminist: "Women should make the same money for the same position, even if we take more time off."

5 minutes later

Feminist: "Outta my way! Women and children first!"
by TheClutch October 11, 2013
People who say they hate misogyny and chauvinism but are really just glorified misandrists who are the ultimate hypocrites, basically gender nazis.
derp feminist.
by herp derpington December 04, 2012
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