a person (male or female) who believes any oppression is wrong and works against it.
The feminist fought against war, sexual harassment, and anti-immigrant policies.
by s February 20, 2005
A person who supports women's rights and respects women's issues.
Earlier feminists fought to obtain woman's suffrage.
by gbeann January 07, 2005
A person who believes in and works for equality between the sexes and an end to violence and discrimination against women around the world. Feminists can be people of any age, religion, social class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race, or social class. Feminists are sometimes very angry about the way women are treated in society, but the "man-hating castrating feminazi" is a myth spread by sexist media.

Also an adjective referring to feminists.
1. If you enjoy voting, using birth control, and being able to call the police if your husband beats you, thank a feminist!

2. My class is studying feminist interpretations of the Bible.
by Sarah November 28, 2004
A person who feels that gender roles are arbitrary and lame and who believes in equal rights.

This is the most common kind, although there are many different kinds.
i guess Kathleen Hannah
by James November 13, 2004
Obviously a person who is completely misunderstood by all the people who have posted definitions previous to this one.

A person who believes in egalitarianism; social, economic, and legal rights granted equally to men and women, without putting a person or a group of persons at a disadvantage because of gender, race/ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and class.

A person who understands that women's issues go beyond a western framework and include but are not limited to poverty, racism, globalization, health, colonialism, war, and economics.
HE is a feminist because he realizes that in times of war women are at a higher risk of sexual harassment, such as rape, than in times of non-conflict.

HE is a feminist because he realizes that not every woman finds him attractive and doesn't take it personally when his advances are not received well and refrains from calling women bitches and lesbians because of it.
by R November 11, 2004
A feminist is a person who believes that there is still a need for social change in the treatment of women. There are many different kids of feminism.... Marxist feminism, radical feminism, liberal feminism, psychoanalytical feminism... etc. Liberal feminism is the most common among white middle class women who simple believe in equal rights for women. However, feminism is not only about the legal rights of women, but the social attitudes about women as well.
One example is the epidemic of eating disorders among young women who are influenced by society to stay thin. Many feminists believe that this stems from the male desire (conscious or subconscious) to keep women small and vulnerable.
There are many issues which need to be addressed. Feminists also believe that males are oppressed by social standards they are raised with. For example, it is socially unacceptably for men to cry in public, whereas it's perfectly normal for women. These are social standards that limit the full potential of both genders. Men who are threatened by feminists should learn more about feminism before they insult is, as feminism really has nothing to do with the concept of hating men. We believe that men are oppressed as well. There are 'male studies' courses popping up in universities all over the world. Women just happened to think of it first.
If a man really takes the time to learn what feminism is, he will probably consider himself a feminist as well.
by YourMom July 06, 2004
The definition of Feminism is "Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes."

Most people wrongly define feminism as what radical women do, which has to do with personal opinion, not Feminism. Many people don't seem to understand, the idea that women are superior conflicts the definition of feminism just as much as men being superior. The idea is that someone isn't better than someone just because of their reproductive organs.

Someone being a feminist does not mean they hate someone just because they are male. As I said earlier, that idea actually conflicts the definition.

So instead of everyone having ignorant misconceptions of what a feminist is, why don't you actually look the definition up in the dictionary. And stop saying all feminists are radical men haters. (And also, not all feminists are represented by or support NOW)
I don't discriminate against men or women, I am a feminist.
by A logical Feminist January 22, 2004

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