A Lesbian.
Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Blackwell are all feminists, a.k.a. lesbians.
by The Manwomanman January 16, 2011
The result of allowing a woman to come into contact with anything outside of the kitchen. This leads her to go meet with like-minded women, parading around the city, whining about how they "... are women oppressed by the sexist males running this country."
The simple solution to stopping a feminist is to slap them stupid, order the bitch to get back to the kitchen and make you a goddamn sandwich, followed by preventing her from leaving the kitchen, just as nature intended.
Guy 1) "Ever since my wife went to the Christmas Party, I've had to lock her in the house so she doesn't sneak off to a Women's Rights meeting."

Guy 2) "Having a feminist for a wife must be awful".
by TheToastman December 01, 2010
A hormonaly disfigured woman that has a testosterone embalance resulting in an enlarged one sided camel toe extending half way down her inner thigh, often mistaken for a penis
a feminist is a woman who wears loose pants (usually cargo pants) to hide the disfigurement but to no sucess, the bulg patrudes from underneath the pant thus creating the impression she is packing more sausage than jimmy dean.
by superstan5 May 04, 2007
That 45-year-old female at the singles party saying, "Me? No, I never believed in any of that shit."
"I used to be a feminist until the GLC grants ran out."
by Andrew Strand February 10, 2007
A word that you'll get ten different definitions for if you ask ten different people to define it.
Most likely, each person will be 100% sure theirs is the "one true definition," and that all all other definitions are false.
Marcie: Vicky asked me whether or not I'm a feminist.

Kyle: What did you say?

Marcie: I asked her which definition of feminist she was using. There are millions of them.
by Simple_As_Sun July 24, 2011
A girl who generally believes that women are entitled to more then men are, usually because of looks or the fact that they can bear children. The modern equivalent of Nazi.

Some feminists believe that they should have equal rights to men, but yet they still demand 'chivalry' and to be treated special because of the hole between their legs. They don't realize that 'equal' means 'on level ground', which basically defies the entire concept of 'chivalry'

Evil Fascist Nazi Feminist Bitch : I demand equal rights!
*Guy walks up and punches her in the face*
Evil Fascist Nazi Feminist Bitch : Hey! You can't hit me! I'm a girl!
Guy : You say you demand equal rights?
Evil Fascist Nazi Feminist Bitch : Yes!
Guy : Well, then don't complain. Men can get punched, so if you want equal rights, then so can you.
Evil Fascist Nazi Feminist Bitch : I'm gonna go sit in the corner.
by Zantor May 11, 2007
A person who claims to want "equal rights" for women, but actually just wants the law to favor women.

Thank feminists for:
-Men being drafted in the military at times of serious war, while females are allowed to join yet are not required
-Violence against men being taken less seriously than violence against women
-Violence against men is seen as humorous in popular culture (If TV depicts a man getting kneed in the groin, It is funny, whereas a female getting hurt is considered serious and never funny)
-Frequent assumption of female innocence in court
-Frequent dismissal of female-on-male rape cases
-Unjust child custody laws
-Laws like the "Violence against women act" -Rape shield laws
-Women are allowed to marry at a younger age than men in some states
-Men pay higher premiums for auto, life and other insurance, though discrimination according to race or other criteria is prohibited
-Bias in health concerns; for example, more advertisements and awareness for breast cancer than prostate cancer, though both cancers kill approximately the same number of people each year
-Harder physical entrance criteria for men in many occupations, such as the army, police and fire service. Requiring men to be physically stronger than women in these occupations leaves men responsible for a greater share of the physical work, for no more pay
-Men serving more time in jail than women for the same crimes
It's too bad women are being misrepresented by feminists these days.
by watto17 January 08, 2010

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