another word for an extremely long pms rage against men
"if your really a feminist, then pay for your own drinks and entrance fee at a club. and pay for your shit on a date too."
by Pedro A January 26, 2008
A nightmare with tits.
As a feminist, I've decided that the thing between my legs is the sum of my identity and the cause of all my problems.
by Nicosticko July 16, 2006
1. a bitch.

2. a woman who is ugly and has no chance at getting married.
1. man: can you believe that feminist?

other man: yeah she needs a good fucking.

2. Woman: The only reason she hates men is cause they refuse to touch her.

Other woman: she should become a lesbian.
by anananamous January 29, 2008
A girl who has gotten bored and feels the need to protest against men.
A girl who tries out for the guys football team for peoples attention. (even if she made it she would quite after a week cause it was too hard for her and no one is paying attention to her anymore.)
"Feminist have nothing better to do than to protest against men"
by KLStokes January 20, 2010
1)a single female

Feminist: Men treat women like shit
Woman: Well you should leave him
Feminist: Leave who?

by The jive experience November 23, 2007
A crazy succubus who finds cutting the testicles and penises off of men sexually arousing.
Stay away from that feminist. She will cut your balls off and eat them.
by Striker122 March 31, 2010
A person who's born with a vagina but wishes they had a penis.
BOB: Hey look at that dyke over there!
STEVE: Oh, she's not a dyke she's a feminist.
BOB: Same thing! right?
STEVE: Oh yeah
FEMINIST: You should give respect to women.
BOB: Why? Don't you believe men are equal to women?
STEVE: You can't have it both ways, dyke...
by Kyle Samuelsson March 05, 2008

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