A chick who attended a college like Vassar or Hampshire where there are many lesbians. Interestingly, a feminist is not likely to be FEMININE. They don't wear makeup, they don't dress well, they don't shave their armpits nor do they shave their bush. They usually wear Birkenstocks and several layers of clothing. They are very averse to showing any of their skin. They will never get their hair done, often just pulling it back out their faces in an extremely uncreative and boring style. They don't workout to stay in shape because that would amount to acknowledging that looking good actually matters. Essentially a feminist is a woman who denies everything it means to be FEMININE. A feminist is in essence a self-denying woman hater who squelches the very greatest thing in this world, the beauty and sexiness of a real woman.
Ellie: Hey Hillary, I have a date Saturday. What should I do?
Hillary: Whatever you do, don't shave your bush. That's what this oppressive male dominated society wants. Being a feminist means never having have to say you're sorry. We're the victims.
by ITeachYou April 11, 2008
Someone who wants to be more equal than everyone else
Damn Feminists, think they own the place
by distilledfx September 11, 2007
A nightmare with tits.
As a feminist, I've decided that the thing between my legs is the sum of my identity and the cause of all my problems.
by Nicosticko July 16, 2006
A girl who doesn't give blowjobs
That chick is such a feminist. She wouldn't even blow me a little before we banged.
by ibman67 September 25, 2008
Any female with an opinion.
She likes the toasted Italian bread more than the wheat bread? What a feminist...
by Jnaut7 October 28, 2010
Generally a woman (though not always), who acts as an activist for Women's rights. There are three general types of feminists: Liberal, Socialist, and Radical Feminism. Liberal Feminists generally garner the most support, and attempt to rectify injustices suffered by women through conventional means. Socialist Feminists are a more radical form of liberal feminist that believe only a Socialist/Communist/Marxist revolution can truly stop gender inequality. Radical Feminists are extremely left wing, believing that only that the universal, surgical elimination of gender may bring about gender equality.

Disclaimer: I am neither a female nor a feminist, simply someone wanting to give an unbiased definition of a word with a lot of exaggeration on both sides of the fence.
Liberal Feminist: Jenny, a liberal feminist, proudly supports her cause and frequently goes to rallies and protests.

Socialist Feminist: "DOWN WITH THE CAPITALIST EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN!" Shouts Molly, a Socialist Feminist.

Radical Feminist: "Only through the surgical elimination of gender and the destruction of motherhood can all people be truly equal!", says Paula, a Radical Feminist.
by TheGrammargestapo February 28, 2013
A hormonaly disfigured woman that has a testosterone embalance resulting in an enlarged one sided camel toe extending half way down her inner thigh, often mistaken for a penis
a feminist is a woman who wears loose pants (usually cargo pants) to hide the disfigurement but to no sucess, the bulg patrudes from underneath the pant thus creating the impression she is packing more sausage than jimmy dean.
by superstan5 May 04, 2007
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