A person who thinks everything is done by males and bitch about it.
Guy:Can you hold this for me, I gotta use the little Men's room.
Feminist:(Triggered Face) Why not the little Lady's room?
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by Vape Lord Nord June 21, 2016
a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes
I'm a feminist!
by gangeroos May 28, 2016
A smart person who knows what they're talking about. Feminists believe that all people deserve equal rights and equal treatment. They go against body and weight shaming and believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. Feminists are not just for woman's rights as believed by most people but are for the rights of all races from African American to Spanish, Caucasian, Asian and more. Also feminists respect non binary and binary people's pronouns ((he/she/them/they/it etc.)) . Also feminist are the ones who fight for gay, lesbian, pan, trans and so on's rights BUT that does not automatically mean all feminists are gay or pan or even a woman!! You can be classified as a feminist if you are boy, girl, or neither !!!! That's what's great!
Feminist: I fight for equality not just for woman but for everyone! That's what makes me a feminist!
by Regionalatbest June 19, 2016
A group of smart lesbian thieves who have realized there is money to be made from goverment grants and through tax benifits by falsely distorting statistics and screaming downright lies in the street.Thier HQ can usually be found in any womans abuse shelter.The screaming ones in the streets are just irritating,but beware the horn rimmed glasses,Birkenstock wearing ones who haunt the courts and halls of power,they are the ones who figure out how to bleed mens wallets dry.
WTF!!!!!Half my paycheck to pay for some group of ho,s to have abortians.The damn feminists have stuck it to us again.
by dr December 23, 2004
A sexist, male hating individual, solely concerned with female supremacy and the denigration of all males and boys. A compulsive neurotic individual that claims positive discrimination is not sexist or dicrimnation against one half society.
Sufferers from severe cognitive dissonace while overdosing on "female Victimhoof Complex".
Condems any action taken by any male as being sexist, mysogynistic while they practise precisely the same methods.

A male hater of the first degree.
Feminists hate all men.
Feminists only promote female issues while they claim to be for equality.
A feminist condemns anyone and everyone who does not possess a vagina.
by Christianj162000. November 25, 2011
A feminist is an individual that believes in equal rights for both men and women, but primarily achieves this by focusing on women's problems alone.
Jill "Domestic violence against women needs to stop!"
Dave "What about men?"
Jill "What about them?"
Dave "... Your such a feminist."
by pseudonymity0001 March 01, 2016
A feminist is someone who believes in equality and equal rights for females and males.
A feminist does not have to be a female, feminists are black, white, gay, straight, bi, transgender etc...

Feminists do not hate males. They are also not terrorists or violent in any way. Feminists don't want hatred they just want peace, freedom and equality.
Feminists fight against things such as everyday sexism. An example of this is : "he plays/talks/looks/acts like a girl" or "you can't do it because you're a girl". These shouldn't ever be used because being a girl is not an insult and no person should ever feel intimidated by being called a girl.
That person wants equality for all genders they must be a feminist! :D
by dontdissfemales101 March 29, 2016
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