a woman who is angry and bitter, because they have been wronged by men some time in their life. They also have the characteristics of being stubborn, prideful, arrogant, strong-will and determinations.
woman: i refuse to raise my hand, who started this system anyways? men did! this mental-structured-of-organization raising hand system!
man: what a grouchy feminist. *ugh*
by lizzypooh October 08, 2006
Male-hating, PC, whiney left-wing-extremist bitch. Not to be confused with those who want equal rights and respect for women, and all people in general; such people can be found all over the political spectrum (except among the Religious Right and their allies, that is).
by Brian X July 01, 2003
Petty, jealous bitch.

Fat, butt-ugly female who can't get a boyfriend. Usually turns to jailhouse-lesbianism out of desperation.
The feminist killed herself, and made the world a better place.
by radium April 11, 2009
a whiny hag with sand in her vagina who lives alone with her two cats and can't afford to pay for meals.
if feminists demand equal pay then I demand they be included in future drafts as well as men are.
by CTMAN February 22, 2005
A term that used to mean "someone who thinks women should be equal to men" but nowadays generally means "a woman who thinks men should bow to women."
Man: Hey hun wanna have sex?
Feminist: Any male initiated sex is rape!
by cabby1234 September 02, 2011
Women or men who believe that women should be treated equally as men. The problem with that, is it usually ends there - that is, feminists wouldn't give a fuck about it being the other way around (men being equally treated as women) to add to that, it usually isn't about having equality, its about having MORE. Also, if equal treatment is requested, then apparently feminists want to pay the bill and open the door for a man now. Oh wait, they probably don't - its equal, yet unequal treatment I guess. Makes plenty of sense.
Now, to address the stupid people who have a problem with the image of women on televison... GET OVER IT. For starters, and this is a big thing, the woman accepted the job to be on the show or commercial that portrayed her as the steryotypical houswife! What the hell! So, why don't you go down and attack her for doing that? And there is an entry about feminism by an author called "lick_it_bitch" who complains that tv sitcoms use skinny, beautiful women to be companions of fat, ugly men... and the tv shows that she lists to give examples of this are: "the drew carey show, family guy, the simpsons"... WHAT THE FUCK?!? TWO OF THOSE ARE FUCKING CARTOONS AND THE OTHER ONE IS THE FUCKING DREW CAREY SHOW SHIT!
And another problem I have with feminists is the fact that they seem to think that women should be treated equal simply because they're women. Nope. Doesn't work that way pal. If some womans a stuck up pompas ass bitch, no one should f@#$ing respect her simply because she's a woman.
Okay.... this is for people like (these are the usernames of people that have submitted entries) "Lick_it_bitch" and "unachicafantastica" as well as the rest of those extreme feminists. Go fuck yourselves, its because people like you that women (one of the most beautiful things on this planet) are being oppressed and even hated. And the last thing I would like to address - lick it bitch says (among a list of things that she disapproves of) "when its no longer legal to create or sell pornography showing a woman be violently raped" you are a fucking moron really... ITS FUCKING PORN! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GOOD OL FASHION FAMILY FUN DON'T FUCKING LOOK FOR IT IN A PORNO YOU ASSWIPE. Shit...
Most feminists drive me effing insane
by seemethenbitch August 26, 2007
can be either of the two:

1. a rational-thinking woman who just wants women to be treated equally among men; you will not see many on CNN or MSNBC

2. A sexist hag who wants men castrated and made untouchables, the kind who wants women to rule the world. Also see lesbian although lesbians don't necessarily have to be feminists.
by Alex August 21, 2003

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