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A male who is overly feminem but straight.
(Wears makeup/tight pants/tight clothes)

ie-Davey Havok, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp.

Omar- "Mmmm, Johnny is lookin' good in that edward scissorhands movie"
Hector- "yeah to bad he's got a wife and kids"
Omar-"talk about a femasculine man..."
by ShyBoysWinXO October 24, 2007
feminine and masculine at the same time
that guy was so femasculine. i couldn't tell if he was straight or not.
by mummy_of_4 August 25, 2009
A woman who looks like a man, but is really a woman. a.k.a dyke. Its whenever something that is inherently female ends up being too manly. It can be used as an adjective, adverb, or part of a noun phrase
"She is too femasculine! Look at that coat!"

"that femasculine sex last night wasn't very good, I think I broke a rib."

pointing to a shemale:
"That is sooo femasculine"
by jamiejamiejames March 20, 2011