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A high order of men and male animals. The word began as a variation of the word fella and grew into a sub-culture known as the knights of felzor, part of the felzorian movement of the 21st century. The felzorian logo / mascot is that of a giant, friendly green dinosaur who frequently tosses his head back and shouts to the terrible night "feeeeeeeeellllsssooooooooorrrrrrrrrr".
man 1: oy big felzor
man 2: don't you mean big fella?
man 1: oh sorry, i thought you were a felzor.

man 1: wanna cruise big felzor?
man 2: yeah, we'll meet up with those other felzors!
man 1: yessss
man 2: love you felzor
man 2: what?
man 1: nothing ..

by Rando "bigzerk" Ando December 22, 2007