A relationship based off mutual acts of oral sex
It's been two months of jawbone with no sex..I guess we're in a fellationship
by idontsmokeidiot December 13, 2008
a sexual relationship in which one partner is willing to perform fellatio on the other partner, but not allow other forms of penetration thereby maintaining physical virginity or perceived values.
Her husband maintains that he never had sex with his intern. At the press conference he stated that it was simply a fellationship.

Because Jodie is saving herself for her wedding day, she and Bob are only in a fellationship.
by backdoorangel August 24, 2014
A relationship based mainly around fellatios.
Friend 1: No, I'm in a fellationship with her now.
Friend 2: Don't you mean relationship?
1: No, I mean she gives fellatios and instead of love.
by Friend 3 October 13, 2008
A long-term faux-relationship, where one or both participants are using the other for sex.
"What do you guys know about Kelly's boyfriend?"
"Oh, that's not her boyfriend. They're in a fellationship."
by ashleyd April 10, 2008
A relationship in which oral sex is given
I received oral sex from a guy multiple times that my wife knows nothing about, I guess I am in a fellationship with that man.
by McNasty521 October 22, 2009
A relationship based on oral sex.
Ambrose: I never thought a fellationship could be this good!
Daniel: Don't you guys do anything else?
Ambrose: No, she's got mad herpes down there.
by Flaming_Dingleberry January 19, 2011
Only having a relationship with some one based on fellatio...

A fellatio-relationship.
This fellationship is really going great!
by HELLyssa April 26, 2010
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