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4 definitions by ashleyd

short for "fucking ridiculous."
This week has been fidiculous.

That hat looks fidiculous on you.
by ashleyd May 01, 2008
Something that makes you sick and nervous at the same time. Variations include snerve and snervy.

"Do you want to go to Super China Buffet for dinner?"
"No, Chinese buffets make me snervous."

"The fucking snerve of that guy."

"I have a first date tonight, and I'm all snervy."
by ashleyd April 10, 2008
A long-term faux-relationship, where one or both participants are using the other for sex.
"What do you guys know about Kelly's boyfriend?"
"Oh, that's not her boyfriend. They're in a fellationship."
by ashleyd April 10, 2008
When someone unexpectedly sticks their finger in your asshole while you're making out.
"How was your date last night?"
"It was good, but I got the grimace."
by ashleyd April 10, 2008