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when someones arm is so fat that you cannot tell where their forearm and elbow begins or ends.
that chick has some serious felbows
by crunk man September 01, 2005
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Compound of fat elbows. A characteristic found in most obese people.

An instance in which the fat of you upper and lower arms overlap your elbows, thus giving the appearance of a "fatty elbow."
The boy was so obese he not only had 4 chins but felbows as well.
by Jim Kastrup February 15, 2005
The roll of fat that hangs over and partially obstructs the elbow from view.
Check on the felbow's on that lady!
by Emrick1TTP March 19, 2010
When the fat from under the arm hangs over the elbow.
The man's felbow flapped around when he walked.
by Mike Zito September 07, 2006
The term for a large portion of fat that sags over the elbow no matter what position the arm is in.
Man, her felbows are so big, it looks like she has wings.
by VashCrow April 09, 2013
a fatty elbow.
Her felbow unpolitely sat on the table at the cafe.
by Raidat October 12, 2015

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