Abbreviation for "fuc'en fag."
One who is faggish in actions or speach.
Asshat fef ganked the loot.
by Feuer November 13, 2002
(Fabulous Eli Forever)

An abbreviation for people that love Eli Manning.

Also used to describe greatness, like beating the previously undefeated Patriots in Superbowl 42.
Hey Rick, Superbowl 42 was totally FEF!!
I know Mike, it WAS FEF!!!

Man, that hottie is FEF!!!
by Ryan44 April 09, 2008
A word created by the great oliciv.
<oliciv> fef
<Xenocide> fef
<Neodymium> Xenocide: But that's oliciv's word!
<Neodymium> And while I'm here, TSIF
by Pwnr May 04, 2004

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