Fat End First - inserting the fat end of something into a bodily cavity. This is usually with the intent to cause pain. Anything with a fat end and a slender end can be used in this manner: carrots, baseball bats, and water bottles to name a few. Depending on the bodily cavity selected, this may result in difficulty in extracting the object. This acronym is generally used as a verb to describe the action of the penetration.
Joe just fef'd me with a carrot.

Go fef yourself with a baseball bat.

I just fef'd Caleb with a bowling pin.
by RedWater June 30, 2009
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fuc'en fag
One who is a fucking faggot.
"I'm such a fef!" - Renquist
by Ceescrit April 24, 2003
fefs is a faroese word for the word: Fupa which stands for Fat Upper Pussy Area, if we translated it to Faroese it would be: Feitt Erva Fisu Stað. And that's why we say Fefs.
Tú hevur eitt lekkurt Fefs, góða.
( in Eng) that's a hot Fupa you have there, sweetie.
by abigfupalover April 21, 2011
Annoyed or in dismay
"Aww, fef, are you joking me?"
by Rannenn March 08, 2009
Fucking Epic Fail
That joke was a total FEF
by Sweet69 April 19, 2010
Fucking epic failure" or "Fucking epic fail
Guy A: My girlfriend broke up with me today.
Guy B: Why?
Guy A: She said I acted too much like Edward Cullen.
Guy B: ...What, did you stalk her?
Guy A: ...Yeah..
Guy B: Dude, total FEF!
by RRRORRR July 18, 2011
Abbreviation for Female Ejaculatory Fluid.
1. Aw man! I got fef in my hair.

2. I made her fef twice last night!

3. That ride was so Awesome I think I feffed!
by TheHunt September 01, 2008

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