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Used in Manchester, England to mean a naughty or mischievous person, usually a child.
From "Rum one".
You want to watch yourself leaving that cake mixture where Jimmy can get his hands on it, he's a right little rum 'un.
by TheHunt January 24, 2014
Obvious but it wouldn't happen.
Something that should be true but isn't.
They've been going out for four years. It's arbious they've had sex by now.

Arbiously the crazy frog couldn't get a number one hit.
by TheHunt September 01, 2008
Abbreviation for Female Ejaculatory Fluid.
1. Aw man! I got fef in my hair.

2. I made her fef twice last night!

3. That ride was so Awesome I think I feffed!
by TheHunt September 01, 2008

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