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Used for emphasis in the phrase "as feez."
I was mad as feez that he was up in my grill.
by elgatofurioso June 16, 2004
Clean word for "fuck".

Originated by Lance K or Nyte in Orange County California in 1999.
What the feez!?

I don't give a feez!
by Nyte May 31, 2004
To enhance or make better.
The meal tasted better, after Sarah feezed the recipe.
by Feez squeeze November 05, 2013
A term which refers to females. Commonly used in Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas.
Ex1. A yo,look at that fine lil feezy over there.

Ex2.Guy1: Yo man, you and that girl together?
Guy2: Yea Niki, thats my main feez.
by L.A March 25, 2006