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When some one inserts a foot for sexual pleasure into the vagina or anus. Similar to fisting but involves insertion of the entire foot. People who enjoy feeting are usually sexually aroused when some one threatens "Putting a boot in their ass."
Kim, though small and frail, enjoyed feeting greatly with her girlfriend, especially when they could get a foot in her vagina and anus.
by Kimberly Mason April 30, 2006
When you use your facebook status as a tweet. "F"acebook + Tw"eet"= Feeting
Kevin must be "Feeting" cause he's updating his facebook status every few minutes.
by PDE-aka kev2roc April 21, 2011
When two coworkers create a fictitious meeting for the sole purpose of fucking each other in a conference room at the office during work hours.
Matthew came all over the CEO's chair in the executive board room during the feeting that Kerry had scheduled at 8:15 am on Tuesday.
by tedwhat December 04, 2008
when moves an object with their feet without actually putting pressure on it; if pressure was applied, the object would be stepped on, but since there is no pressure it is feeted.

feeting - feeted - to foot
Andrea, stop footing the tennis ball!
by Ken February 11, 2004
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