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the act of sticking your toung in the opposit sexs mouth and twiting around. widly used in disco across the west of ireland also known as face sucking usually lasting 4 or 5 minutes.
you feek him?
did ya get a feek yet?
you feeking him?
by Shauna O'... April 18, 2009
an act of two young people having sex, feeking is a slang word used when talking about it
i heard you were feeking him last week
by pekobella December 31, 2011
its a cross between fucking and freezing otherwise known as "feeking" and can be used to describe the shitty weather we've been having and the our thoughts on it
the weathers been feeking of late eh?
by lynzjm December 28, 2010
The act of having sex, performed by a young person from Cavan, Ireland. Usually used while talking to your friends about what you got up to the previous night
Ah boys,, me lad is purple, was feeking all night.
by Dagboy November 17, 2006
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