A guy that goes around sniffing girl's bicycle seats
- Andrew spends every lunch our outside by the company bike rack
- Yeah thats because he is a fucking fee fee waiting for some fat whoare to come park her bike.
by ryaann April 21, 2006
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a device used by men for masterbating. usual made with socks, towles and gloves or a condom
tank in cell block 4 is the best fee fee maker in all lock down kid !
by stoph March 01, 2004
Invented in prison, a "Fee Fee" towel folded twice with the open end of a rubber glove sticking out. After being rolled, the end of the glove is then stretched over the top. Then it is finished by pulling a sock over the opposing end to hold the glove in place. Can then be ran under warm water or placed in between mattresses to create a "real life" effect.
Joey was sent to prison, after not having relations with a woman for some time, his cell mate made him a Fee Fee.
by Loafenator February 25, 2009
The act of masturbating inside a sock with alot of lubricant on the inside. Thought to have originated in prisons.
Man 1: I wouldn't use that sock. J-rod feefee'd in it.

Man 2: What do you think I was going to do with it?

Man 1: ...
by bob d June 30, 2006
feelings, emotions
You need to get out of your fee fees.
by boomtime April 15, 2011
The word feefee is often used to describe very beautiful women. It originated in the Middle East but has found its way to college campuses across the United States, most notably in the Bay Area and Tampa Florida. It should be used when one does not want the woman to know he is speaking about her. Fee, in Arabic, means "there is" as in "there is potential." Feefee means the girl has a lot of potential.
Beautiful girl walks into a restaurant:

Look at that feefee.

At a bar-
Look at that Feefee
by gadmaster November 29, 2009
/fí:-fi:/ or "fee-fee"; v. to investigate something by touching or probing in some way with a finger or hand and then smelling your hands as well as the object that is smelled.

1. Chimpanzees are well known for the way that they fee fee each others anuses as well as their own.

2. I want to fee-fee that cake to see if it is any good.

3. Fee fee my dunghole.
by Hal Jackson April 26, 2007
feefee is a word used by autistc or mentally challenged child when he has nothing to say, do, or really, just no one to bother
(sitting on the curb with nothing to do)
Retard:hey Peter guess what?
mentally ok:what?
mentally ok:goddamnit man
by KLU KLU September 19, 2007

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