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Compulsion for fiddling with or otherwise excitedly manipulating human excrement, usually for sexual arousal
Only his brown stained fingernails gave any indication that he was a closet fecalpheliac
by jdt November 13, 2003
Anyone who is obsessed with everything pertaining to poop.

Someone who's life revolves around poop: smelling it, eating it, touching it, rubbing it on themselves, talking about it, slipping it into conversation occasionally to get a laugh but secretly salivating over the idea of it.
Did you her John make that joke about poop. He must be a fecalpheliac.
by Timothy July 08, 2004
Someone who enjoys playing with the product of the stinky hole. (i.e 2nd exit, poop chute)
"Jane didn't know her brother was a fecal fecalpheliac until she found him in the bathroom painting the walls with a fresh turd"
by Hernando Kinky Underwear Salesman October 24, 2003