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Game invented by bored school kids in australia to destroy un-used cricket bats with large heavy objects, usually, but not limited to bricks of many descriptions.
i broke my teeth playing bricket.
by JDT May 18, 2003
Compulsion for fiddling with or otherwise excitedly manipulating human excrement, usually for sexual arousal
Only his brown stained fingernails gave any indication that he was a closet fecalpheliac
by jdt November 13, 2003
To bring to another's attention.
James: Ricardo, have you told your parents that you're gay yet?
Ricardo: No, I'll sit them down and awarify them tomorrow.
by JDT September 19, 2005
the space between your balls and asshole
i got my whinnip strip waxed at a moustache parade
by JDT May 19, 2003
casino in melbourne, australia known for its high level of asian visitors and non-asian gaming facilities. possibly bricket related.
i got stabbed at crown playing the loosest craps in town
by JDT May 18, 2003
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