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A female version of a peckerwood.
Kristen's a featherwood from Lakewood.
by feather14wood May 12, 2008
Female skinhead or the women that surround skinheads and share thier opinions.
Watch American History X to see what a Featherwood is.
by Featherwood for life February 06, 2006
white supremicist female or another supremicist's female. a female who associates with these groups, such as The Aryan Brotherhood, or females who will do things for other ABs while they are down. Thats just what i think. Just wondering...
So, what exactly makes you a featherwood? My fiance is an AB and I hang around his friends and they help me out and look out on me and the kids, while he's gone. Does that make me a featherwood because I have the same beliefs they do and associate with them?
by lovemyBigABDaddy June 30, 2010
a white girl for white pride/power
That feather wood is one down ass chick.
by Valhallas Valkyries June 26, 2009
woman of Ariean Blood
She's a Featherwood.
by Merry m.f. Bills January 10, 2006