Fake Drink Sophie K.
spelt with a lower case fds and a captial K. used as code word for drinking or anything else underage. it is also used to check if a sibling or parent is in your computer room reading the screen. Originally coming from the plan to swap smirnoff for tap water to Sophie K.
1. Blake: Hey steph, can i come to your house,?
Steph: Sure thing, Invite Sophie so we can f.d.s.K.
Blake: OK

2. Blake: fdsk?
steph: my sister just left. lucky.

3. Steph: wanna get fdsk'd this saturday night?
Blake: Id love to go drinking, but i have to work.
by Blakeblakeblake_ April 29, 2007
Fucking down syndrome kid (down syndrome being trisomy 21)
Did you see that fdsk at the mall yesterday?
Stop acting like an fdsk.
(if a down syndrome kid walks in to the room as a warning you can alert others by saying) "fdsk"
by Jay Zee 8 May 29, 2010

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