An acronym mean Face Book Material. When one believes that a picture taken is ether worthy of being your default picture or the cover picture of a Photo Album.
Wow Jim that picture I took of you last night passed out on Nicks crotch is hilarious; its FBM to say the least.
by Jaylikesguitar October 05, 2008
Top Definition
fine by me
It's fbm if he comes with us to the movie.
by JOHNDALE2285 September 08, 2008
it started out as a shirt company in 1993 called Fat Bald MEn. Then later developed in to a kick ass bmx company. they have multiple bmx videos out
Did you see that bmx video from FBM called Albert Street? It was some sick shit
by alan January 15, 2005
Fuck boy magnet
That girl only gets fuckboys, she's a FBM.
by daniisabamf March 29, 2015
Feels Bad Man. Used whenever something is done or said and makes you feel embarrassed and/or feeling bad about something.
Example: When a foreigner who doesn't speak English can spell better than you can. fbm
by stfuufts May 30, 2016
short for Full Body Massage. See definition.
I really need an fbm to relaxe.
by JPWRana September 23, 2005
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