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Self absorbed slacker. Payroll pilfering cyber geek.
He frequents the site www.fazed.net and is therefore a fazer!
by Fat Sweating Guy October 07, 2003
One who posts interesting, amusing, or unusual links on the website known as Fazed.net, for the entertainment or edification of the website's visitors.
"That SpunOne is one heck of a fazer."
by blancx October 07, 2003
someone who frequents the fazed.net website
by freetoetags October 06, 2003
A blazer which is made from a softer fabric and is more comfortable and better than a blazer

Amy: i dont know what to wear tonight, i may be cold..
Laurz: i know, why dont you wear your fazer?! then you can be comfortable yet stylish at the same time. What a magnificant invention!
Amy: RAD solution to my complication, a fazer it is!
Molly: dezza anyone?
by booradley4eva September 30, 2009
like a tazer, only it fazes.
by spanky October 07, 2003