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A community driven website frequented by both unbelievably smart individuals and mind-numbingly stupid tools.
I was at fazed - and as usual, b00zar is an asshat.
by Jeff June 03, 2003
1. Being high off your ass.

2. To be so high you are extremly paranoid.

2. Being so high your eyes are extremely chinky.

3. To be or get extremely high.
Damn Monica was so fazed last nighttt.

Monica looked like a damn chinkk you know she was fazed.

Amy was so paranoid while she was fazed.

Man I looove to be fazeddd.

Yeahh man i love to be fazedd at my dawg cooke's housee, pass the bonggg (:
by Amonica January 29, 2009
Feeling sick after eating way too much and being stoned at the same time.
I ate 10 hard tacos and didnt even get fazed.
by ChristinaChooo October 24, 2005
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