a man of complete awesomeness, usually black as there are much other people called favour. Most likely a ninja or some other bad ass profession, such as porn star, elected official, super-athlete or even C.E.O. of your mom. also he will have a huge black dick.

A favour is usually found in places like France, Spain, England, USA, Australia and other places you can party and still make a good business for yourself.
when you find a favour be sure to watch his awesomeness as he swaggers down the street.
if you are a hot girl be sure to watch yourself as you will be attracted to him as soon as you see this and a favour will take advantage of that.
a favour also has the skills of finch ( of american pie) so so don't be surprised if you find him fornicating with your milf of a mother
i dont want to go on for much longer or i wont be able to stop and this will go on for pages upon pags
son see's cool black guy across the road in town with his milf.
they get home
night time
favour fucking a mother
son walks in: new he was a favour
by don1234 May 25, 2012
Top Definition
It's not pretentious, it's just plain, simple English.
Do yourself a favour and learn the damned language
by Magnoli@fan October 23, 2008
(n.) favourable acts. Done for the favour of a certain party.

(proper noun) blowjobs.
Psycho bitch owes me a few favours. sucky sucky!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
A very slender and tall ladylike African american female. She's a lifelong friend but if you offended her she sure as hell will go off on you. She's known for her effortless beauty and exotic ness. She's very real. This can sometimes come off as snobby of bitchy. If you ever get a chance to become her friend do it on the spot
Omg look at her! She is so favour
by MyNameIsJuanJose May 08, 2015
pretentious way to spell "favor."
Can you do me a favour and stop being such a pretentious prick?
by 0livia May 11, 2006

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