Fava is a teacher who is named after the "Fava Bean" he is a teacher somewhere in New Jersey. He is commonly used to describe a teacher that can easly be cheated on.
Fava is a good man
Fava loves Fava Beans
by NMe April 06, 2005
parola italiana, sinonimo di pene. Italian word seems to penis or cock.
Fava lessa! Fava boiled! you are a very stupid and sad person.
by kikka May 12, 2003
(n) the abbreviated version of "fat vagina", an enlargement of the vagina and lower stomach due to excess pounds.
She's gained some weight this past year. When she wears her bike shorts you can totally see a fava.
by FireOi July 30, 2009
Cocaine.White powder you stick up your nose to get wasted and chew peoples heads off by talking utter garbage.
Hows ya fava. Lets go to the loo and have a chat with ya dad.
by Jon November 22, 2003

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