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sunglasses that are modeled after real oakleys, but with worse quality, and a fraction of the cost
Look at that loser over there with his fauxkleys on
by schenksta November 12, 2004
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(Pronounced: FO-klee)

Knock-off, or fake, Oakley sunglasses. The word is mix of "faux" (French for "false") and "Oakley". "Fauxkleys" can usually be found on those sunglass racks by the checkout lines at Academy, gas stations, and other various places that sell cheap things. "Fauxkleys" consist of brands such as Solaray, Croakies, Foster Grant, Panama Jack, and many others. They try so hard to duplicate Oakley's styling and quality, but usually fail miserably. People who buy "fuaxkleys" sometimes share a common trait: they cannot afford Oakleys. Which is fine, but they are often ridiculed by some people for having knock-off sunglasses.
Joe (on baseball field): "Yo check out my new Oakleys that I bought so I can see the ball better".
Chris: "Dude those are fauxkleys. I saw them on the $3.99 rack at Academy."
Joe: "Whatever, I can still see the ball better" *misses ball and cries*
Chris: "Here take my Oakleys..."
by texaskid1995 November 20, 2011
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