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(n.) A vacation that is neither restful nor restorative. Frequently occurs during holiday trips when either work or family obligations affect one's ability to relax.
After our dog ate our host's couch, we were on fauxcation.

My mother's endless nagging turned our beach trip into fauxcation.

by The_Joneses August 03, 2008
A Fauxcation (or Faux-cation) is when you are taking vacation days off from work, but definately not doing vaction-like activities (e.g., moving, painting, yard work, etc.). It's like a 'staycation' with a honey do list!
I helped my mother-in-law move in into her reitrement home while I was on fauxcation.
by ALoJax August 12, 2009
fō'keɪʃ(ə)n (fo-kay-shun)
A fake vocation.
aka - A false job; generally given in the context of snobbery or ego inflation.
"Jimmy knew he couldn't tell the blonde at the bar he was a bagger at Aldi's, so he gave 'Patent Attorney' as his faux-cation."
by justinrmayfield August 15, 2008
A fake vacation from work. Time spent doing work away from the office...under the facade of a vacation.
She claimed she was taking a one week hiatus to St. Maarten with the girls, but Ngozi turned the trip into a total fauxcation. She called clients on her Blackberry during massages and checked her e-mail while "lounging" on the beach.
by Chichia December 29, 2008
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