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The appearance of a camel toe when a transvestite duct tapes his junk and wears a tight outfit.
Come out ot Trafik in Columbus, OH on a Sunday night and see a faux toe for yourself. That bitch does backflips too! Some serious duct tape.
by JigglyMuff April 28, 2010
Often mistaken with the popular word "photo", a faux-toe is a human phalange that is indeed NOT real.
John's new faux-toes look so real! I think I'll replace my toes with faux-toes. That sounds like the plan for me.
by Dressing&Gravy December 18, 2014
within the same genus as the infamous camel toe, the more socially acceptable faux toe coexists in the same habitat. the faux toe can be identified by its lack of cleft of toe.
when an individual wears a skirt of thin material and the wind blows it into the faux toe.
by _hkr October 10, 2006
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