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Something according the Phoebe in 'Friends' claims that Rachel's plane is missing, to stop her flying.
"You have to get off the plane, I have the feeling that something is wrong with the left phalangee"... "Oh my GOD... there's NO phalange!"
#phalange #friends #phoebe #plane #sitcom #aeroplane
by youbrokemytaco March 05, 2008
They're technically your finger bones. Also mentioned in friends, as phoebe calls herself Regina Phalange and claims to rachel there is something wrong with her plane to paris's left phalange.

Also, an awesome handshake in which you and another person put your hands out, wiggle them, and say "phalanges"! it's something much cooler than a high five, but given for the same reasons.
"Do you have DSL?"
"No you perve, i have FiOS"
"Now gimme some phalange"

*awkward silence*
#fingers #hand shake #high five #friends #phoebe #cool
by phalangeloverx April 06, 2009
Highly effective fictitious surname. See also: Regine Phalang' and Princess Conzuelo Banana Hammock.
eg. Regina Phalange
#phalange #phoebe #buffay #surname #fictitious #friends #sitcom
by Regina PhalangeSee?! It works! November 30, 2012
the anatomical description of the the frigers or toes. used by doctors and phobebe in friends as a character name.
Patient has severed the right 2nd and 4th phalange and used his left 1st to pick his nose.
by Claire Beaumont March 12, 2005
n. a "high five", i.e. slapping hands in celebration. From the literal meaning of the word - the bones of the fingers.
Great game, give me phalanges!
#high five #five #fingers #hands #celebration
by AsInWreck June 14, 2009
Wonderful invention made for fingering bitches to make them cum and make those sweet juices flow
Boyfriend:how do you like my phalanges

Girlfriend:I like them a lot

Side note; the bigger the better fisting
by dauntles October 10, 2015
when you and another person bump your fists together in greeting or celebration (refers to the name of the bones in your hand that collide when the act is performed)
nice drive, areeb. give me some phalanges.
#fist bump #bump it #pound it #high five #hit it
by Fortunato1 September 01, 2008
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