A fat, lazy person; a fatass
"Eh, eh, get me the pizza"

"Ay, get it yourself you fattie"
by Josue123 April 15, 2006
this means the person is HOT,sexy,fine,fly
Oh look at that fattie
by lalalazzy April 10, 2008
a dope skateboard trick
whoa that nosegrind lipslide was fattie
by the ghost of 86 January 04, 2009
a female boner, usually resides in the walls, when a female sees a provocative image her vagina walls will swell up causing her to get a fattie
yo, I could totally tell that Kim had a fattie by the way she was walking
by Rosenblum muff June 02, 2010
1. the largest size of tampon: super.

2. a large marijuana cigarette.
1. man, it's like a waterfall down there. anyone got a fattie? i need to plug up.

2. i just saw muffy on the beach with a dos equis in one hand and a fattie in the other.
by mala May 17, 2004
a bitchin' big cock.
Did you see that guy's fattie cock? Damn...
by evillemofo May 12, 2004
a big, fat, juicy, uncut cock that is thick enough so that you can't get your hand all the way around it.
'girl, you shoulda seen the fattie on that hooker in the baseball jersey over there. 10 inches.'
by capnCrouton April 28, 2004

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