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aggressive behavior from a person who is grossly or morbidly overweight, i.e. fat
Dude, leave that chick alone or you might get fattacked.
by fringeling June 06, 2009
1. A common side effect following a large consumption of fat. Usually associated with nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and explosive diarrhea.

2. A gang up of several morbidly obese citizens who raid small gas stations and steal their stashes of Twinkies.
"Yo n1gg4, I ate dis smoked turkey leg at my lady's parent's house the otha night and I got a muthafuckin' fattack. I was sittin' on their Toto for forty-five minutes and it smelt like toxic, dawg."

Cashier: "I dunno what happened, man. They just came in, knocked everything down, broke the windows, stole all the Twinkies and left... There was nothing I could do to stop them. I was so shocked at their agility, man."
by zoooooombie-er July 02, 2009
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