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When a woman has a fat lump right above her pussy.
Chris: Did you see that chick in the tight pants?!
David: Yeah, she's a fatsquatch
by Sonny Black Monster December 03, 2008
Large, fat hairy man that often gets extremely angry about food.
Man 1: Did you see that fat, hairy guy raging when McDonalds only gave him half a burger!

Man 2: Yea, he went ape shit didn't he.

Man 1: Classic fatsquatch....
by Fatman4938 February 21, 2011
An ugly obese (fat) man who shows up at your door with roses and gifts and beg you to date him.

Being cursed with fatness and hairiness he has no choice but to beg and pay women for company.

Usually of italian descent he is overly hairy and smelly and dosen't take hints too well.
Vitale is a real fatsquatch.
by ress223 December 04, 2008
word used to gain attention from someone by calling them a fatsquatch.

you. person. dude. hey you. you there. buddy.
hey fatsquatch, what are you doing?
by Drew September 12, 2004

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