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noun., an overweight person who has a bad attitude because of it. Tends to be very angry at the world for no reason.
That fat bitch Fallory needs to lose her fatitude.
#fat #attitude #bitch #fattitude #meanie
by Justin and Kyle January 20, 2007
A condition where an obese person confuses their fatness girth for muscle girth and acts tough because of their mistake, thinking their mass will intimidate others despite a lack of actual physical fitness. Usually a person with fatitude has a lot of lung power but not much actual physical strength and tire rapidly in any actual fights.
Wow, Greg sure has a bad case of fatitude that needs to get adjusted.
#fatass #fuckstuck #fat fuck #fat kid #fatty #fatso
by Guy in the QFC parking lot January 28, 2011
(noun) Rudeness or aggressive behavior derived from an obese person's assumption that their girth provides them with free license to get in your way, force you out of their way, or otherwise take advantage of your desire not to press up against their lard. Just because you take up more space does not entitle you to other people's space.
The 300-pound woman next to me on the plane had a serious fatitude; her arms were halfway into my seat for the entire flight.
#fatness #fat pride #obnoxious #jerk #obese
by RyMacD May 13, 2007
(n.) The state of being fat and not caring.
Dang - that bitch just ate a whole pizza! She got some serious fatitude!
#attitude #fat #fattitude #fatass #fatso
by FunkyB February 11, 2009
Being angry at the world because you are overweight.

The attitude that your problems are the world's problems to solve because everyone has always picked on you because of your looks.
The big lady at the front of the line at the fast food place yells at the cashier because french fry refills are not free. She has a fat-itude!!
#fattitude #mean girls #female bully #re-gainers #bypass flunkies
by kimbrandyguycshc January 14, 2011
1. The disillusioned sense of entitlement and superiority obese people exude because they blame the world for their problems.

2. Having false expectations that things are supposed to get easier without even trying to change.
Mike: "My obese friend said she doesn't understand why she isn't losing weight right before chugging a 2 liter bottle of soda."

Dan: "She really suffers from a bad fatitude!"
#fat #bad attitude #obese #bitch #bbw
by Galen Baltar June 06, 2013
When a fat person has attitude.
OMG that big girl there has ''Fatitude''
#fatatude #afatude #poo #fatitude #attatude
by Bubbles Devere February 25, 2015
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