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Here is a 2007 census of the healthiest to most unhealthy states:

1. Vermont
2. Minnesota
3. Massachusetts
4. Maine
5. New Hampshire
6. Nebraska
7. Iowa
8. Utah
9. Hawaii
10 Kansas
11. Rhode Island
12. North Dakota
13. Connecticut
14. Washington
15. Wisconsin
16. New Jersey
17. Oregon
18. Virginia
19. California
20. Ohio
21. Michigan
22. South Dakota
23. Pennsylvania
24. Idaho
25. West Virginia
26. Montana
27. New York
28. Colorado
29. Kentucky
30. Wyoming
31. North Carolina
32. Illinois
33. Indiana
34. Missouri
35. Maryland
36. Alaska
37. Arkansas
38. Tennessee
39. Delaware
40. Alabama
41. Oklahoma
42. Arizona
43. Texas
44. Georgia
45. South Carolina
46. Florida
47. Nevada
48. Mississippi
49. New Mexico
50. Louisiana
How fat is your state?
by Jersey Kid January 24, 2008
221 104
The stuff inside your body that keeps you warm
I'm lucky to have so much fat, otherwise I would have died from the cold
by Jigglemeister February 04, 2010
191 79
"Fat" is the past tense of 'fit'
Example, we all 'fat' in the car, rather than, we all 'fitted' in the car.
by Zaylee March 14, 2005
364 277
big large in size or portion
look at that fat ass mf
by mfing carlson May 04, 2003
246 164
When you're so overweight you can't see your own dick. Your dick in comparison with your body looks microscopic. Someone so fat they can't walk right. They walk more like a penguin. So fat that women laugh at you when you walk down the street.
man that sal vitale is one fat bitch. I wonder how much that fucker eats in one sitting.
by fatasshatr February 29, 2008
198 132
A colloquial term used to denote individuals who exceed the societal, cultural, and medical constraints on the "normal" amount of adipose tissue found on the human body. Generally, the term "fat" is used in a denigrating fashion when employed in everyday conversation, when in actuality "fat" in the purest sense is a substance and not a descriptor.
Oh my, it seems as if I have gained fat over the holidays
by Dr. Cest August 23, 2010
105 46
A word once used to mean "overweight", which has now changed meanings. Now it is used by thin white males referring to their sedentary, lethargic, or just plain lazy life styles.
I can't do the dishes, I'm to fat.

Dude, are you saying your so fat that you won't even walk upstairs?
by Cannibalguppy May 30, 2003
226 180