The stuff inside your body that keeps you warm
I'm lucky to have so much fat, otherwise I would have died from the cold
by Jigglemeister February 04, 2010
"Fat" is the past tense of 'fit'
Example, we all 'fat' in the car, rather than, we all 'fitted' in the car.
by Zaylee March 14, 2005
big large in size or portion
look at that fat ass mf
by mfing carlson May 04, 2003
When you're so overweight you can't see your own dick. Your dick in comparison with your body looks microscopic. Someone so fat they can't walk right. They walk more like a penguin. So fat that women laugh at you when you walk down the street.
man that sal vitale is one fat bitch. I wonder how much that fucker eats in one sitting.
by fatasshatr February 29, 2008
A colloquial term used to denote individuals who exceed the societal, cultural, and medical constraints on the "normal" amount of adipose tissue found on the human body. Generally, the term "fat" is used in a denigrating fashion when employed in everyday conversation, when in actuality "fat" in the purest sense is a substance and not a descriptor.
Oh my, it seems as if I have gained fat over the holidays
by Dr. Cest August 23, 2010
Slightly less formal word for 'obese'.
Look at the size of that fat bastard!
by Arran January 03, 2005
1. a word used by anorexics and the anorexic media to make everyone feel insecure if they don't have a six pack.

2. The new favorite insult for younger people who are duped by the media and the abs craze.

My opinion: I understand that there are fat people and some that are way way fat but the media portrays them a lot worse than they are. And the media is being opportunistic by capitalizing on a large portion of the countrie's insecurities and profiting of it. They are encouraging people to judge a person by their appearance rather than their character and is a deadly trait to society imo.
Before and after commercials that show the sad fat person and then loses weight and now everyone wants them.
by kooko klock December 29, 2010

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