An abbreviation for "American".
I'm not fat, I'm big-boned *drinks 10-litres of Diet Coke and eats a sack of Big Macs*.

by radium October 29, 2006
Another word for sweat pants. A person may have ghetto fats, which are really baggy sweats; or even bungee fats, with the tight elastics on the bottom of the pant leg.
Check out my new fats.
by swampyj9960 December 11, 2005
meaning stupid or idiotic
man, your so fat
why ya gotta be sooo fat
you failed another science test? you fatty
by Zoron November 20, 2007
Not necessarily physically overweight. Mentally Fat. Thinking about food, etc. Eating large quantities, mixing foods that would not normally go together (i.e. Sausage dipped in country Crock). Comments on food (i.e. *eating M&M's "There was a Skittle in withy the M&M's!" "You're fat") Farting, being exceptionally lazy. To greet a fat friend ( "You're Fat" in place of "Hi")
When something favorable/lucky happens to an overweight person ( *Fat person wins lottery* "You're so fat") Something stupid said/done by a fat person.
- You're fat

"What are you eating?"
"M&M's and Pizza"
-You're fat
":o There was a skittle in there!"
-You're fat

Hey wake up it's 3:00 PM
-You're fat
by omg pie May 14, 2007
1. overly large
2. an exclaimation
3. good at video games
1. you're so fat
2. FAT KID!!
3. you're so fat-kiddish
by swapanl February 03, 2007
Stands for Foxy, adorable, Tantalizing. FAT is an acronym.
person #1: You are fat!
person #2: Thank you! You just called me foxy, adorable and tantalizing!
by gollum May 30, 2006
What happens when people enjoy fast food too much...

Also know as:
tub of lub
belly jelly
I'm getting so fat that soon i'm gonna have to roll to school.
by mmmmdelicious January 11, 2007

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