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Sitting around just eating n eating & doing nothing throughout the day with minimal exercise; sedentary lifestyle
Mark: Hey Phil stop fatting and get a job already.

by Larz Marz February 15, 2009
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To put one's fat rolls on another person's head.
"Stop fatting me! My head hurts."
by MacNCheesy March 02, 2012
Fat ting is the term used to describe something that is greater in size as compared to something else.
im feeling getting a fat ting tv
by notoriousROY June 07, 2011
Another way of saying good or big. Can be used on its own or as an intensifier.

Originates from the cult cartoon short film Super Mario Långben: Cp-Dinosaurien (Super Mario Goofy: The Retard Dinosaur), in the line "I'm kicking fatting popcorn."
That movie was pretty fatting.

I had a fatting swell time last night.

I'm kicking fatting popcorn.
by Ichabe August 10, 2008

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