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Invented for graffiti art, fat caps are a specalized nozzle that goes on a can of spray paint that widen the area of spray. These were invented in the late 1960's by graffit artist "Supercool". He took them off diffrent aresonal products. Today most graffit artists just but specalized fats caps off diffrent sites and magazines.
Lee- Yo supercool how did you pull of that peice, it must of taken for ever
Supercool- Naw B i just used a fat cap
#fat cap #graffiti #art #spraypaint #urban
by seknbk March 29, 2006
A spray paint tip that sprays nice and big/wide. Good for bombing and fill-ins on.
"Yo all you need to give me is my cans and my fat caps and i'll soon be all city"
by hamydeez January 25, 2004
A spray-paint can tip that sprays a heavy stream for coloring.
by Basic November 11, 2002
An interchangable spray tip that can spray really big!!
Fatcaps can fit on almost any can.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
The tip of a male's penis.
Man, I was gripping my fat cap at the urinal and the dude next to me was trying to scope it out.
#fat cap #penis #johnson #schlong #wang
by Dicknamer March 08, 2009
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