A softail-style cruiser motorcycle produced by Harley-Davidson
In Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the softail frame is designed to look like the hardtail bikes of the past, while still offering the comfort of rear suspension. The shock absorbers are positioned along the axis of the motorcycle, tucked away under the transmission. There are several Harley-Davidson models with the Softail frame, including the Softail Standard, Custom, Springer Softail, Heritage Softail, Heritage Springer, Night Train, Deluxe, Deuce, Fat Boy, the Dark Custom Cross Bones, and the Dark Custom Blackline.
by hharam January 05, 2015
Common Insult used by Bums to insult Nick Glenn. Gesture often used while saying it is Pointing and twisting wrist
Fat Boy! Fat Boy!
by Ryan Guthrie June 10, 2003
Among a group of hard drinkers, the one who drinks the most and serves as the example of "hard drinker" to the other hard drinkers, making them think that they don't really drink all that much.
Even though Dave is plainly an alcoholic, he doesn't think he drinks all that much, and he doesn't, compared to the bar fat boy over there.
by No one cares who submits these August 29, 2007
My brother and my father. Probably yours too.
My brother is a fat boy.
by ein bratwurst July 24, 2005
kinda like gay boy only fatter.
"Look at that faggot"
"Ah it's only fat boy"
by spazoooo February 02, 2009
cute creatures mostly from minnesota or sometimes germany depending on there body structure.
" i cant wait to go to the zoo and look at the little fat boys."
by jOnah finklestein February 21, 2007
ben turnbull aka lard arss, fat boy or ice burg
ben turnbull. HE HAS A HUGE ASS
by boner June 29, 2004

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