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A really wet fart, so wet you might need a change of underwear. Normally has a slime like texture. Can be found in most older folks soiled undergarments.
"Grandpa left a little fart sauce in there for you."
by So-Lo August 28, 2007
35 20
When two people fart and the smells combine to form a new and powerful stench.
Caitlyn and Darin sat in the car and farted from some nasty Mexican food and the car reaked of fartsauce!
by Shanika LaQueefa December 22, 2011
4 0
1. often used as an insult for someone who is dimwitted.

2. greasy debris left from a particularly moist or raunchy fart.
1. shut your face, fart sauce!

2. I think that last one left behind a little fart sauce. That's gonna itch when it dries.
by ERNTRON February 14, 2008
13 10