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a gynorumus fart possesing nuclear like characterisitcs which spreads a toxic mushroom clowd of poo smog and a viscious nerve gass like odor across a large metropolitan area. Often resulting in a high number of lingering casualties among the population such as birth defects, cancer, tumors and other central nervous system disorders.
A huge toxic and long lingering fart generally audible but possesing a SBD like gasious cloud which lingers for many years similar to the devesation caused at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power in Russia
Ed: Did you hear about the huge fart Bob ripped in the office last week?

Eric: No what happened?

Ed: He had some serious fartosis and dropped a big one...it was like fartnobyl in the office. It was so bad that Marisa literally threw up at her desk because of it!
by threem January 29, 2010