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Used to describe a person of short stature who generally acts like a dick. Usually a male in some sort of authoratative position. Named after the character from Shrek.
Man, things sure have gotten shitty around here since Farquaad got promoted to manager.
by Spongyblue December 29, 2005
61 30
The name of a character from Shrek. Closely resembles "fuck wad."

Coincidence? I doubt it.
Lord Farquaad is played by John Lithgow.
by captain matt January 27, 2005
96 33
The main antagonist of the 2001 film Shrek whose main goal is to become the king of Duloc.

He is known for having a boner while watching Princess Fiona through the magic mirror.
Lord Farquaad is looking damn hot in his bed. OMG FUCKWAD SEX.
by SUCKMYKAKA September 20, 2011
35 14
An absolute idiot, or someone who is stupid.
You're such a farquaad
by the DustRoom February 21, 2003
28 30

The name of a character from shrek and also another name for a legendary black dragon statue.
by Dragon September 23, 2003
12 28
a german name for prison
doizee went to a varquad and died.
by farquaad's girl May 01, 2003
12 29