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Fape is a combination of two words, fuck and rape. It means an extreme or severe form of rape.
I just got faped on that test.
by The Dude December 06, 2004
13 94
(v.) To "rape" someone's Facebook profile by looking at their pictures and/or videos for whatever purpose.

Origin - portmanteau of Facebook and rape (2009)
1. "Ah you know that cute girl who sits in front of you in our psych class? Let's fape her!"

2. "Let's fape her profile -- her pictures are public."
by Miyamoto Shouri July 24, 2010
309 33
fake bape clothing, shoes, and/or accessories.

bootleg sweatshop-made imitation bapes usually found in ghetto strip malls.
A: Maan, how'd the Mickey D's cashier afford those bapes?
B: Easy. Chinatown. They're FAPES.

C: If the person rockin them looks broke, most likely they're FAPES.
by R. Nito May 13, 2006
172 57
knock off or fake version of bathing ape shoes
joe: sweeet i got some bapes for only $90!
bob: no dude, you got yo self some fapes...
by chelseaaaaaaa March 06, 2007
33 8
To fape is to "rape" someones facebook account or status if they have left their account logged in while not being there.
Johnny's status update "I love sweaty hairy woman vag"

Johnny " aww dude, I just got faped"

by Durbzzz May 05, 2010
4 36
kind of like rape but with your fist
The pirate captain got fired because he couldn't fape and pillage effectively with a damned hook for a hand
by el tigre May 23, 2003
18 99
to ejaculate; to nut; to cum; etc..
He was so scared he faped his pants.
It was so gross; it looked as if someone had faped on it.
by Jargel April 14, 2003
11 92