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A distinct compound word conjoining the words "fap" and "able". Literally, this means: "possible to masturbate to". This elegant adjective is used to describe a sexy babe to which it is quite possible to find yourself ejaculating explosively to. She must be at least a 7/10. Have some self respect; masturbation is a art, not sexual a whim.
" Hey Ron! Check out this babe, she's totally fapable!"
" That bitch is one fapable hoe... Mmm-Mmmm."
"Scarlett Johansson is MORE than fapable! Totally would-fap."
by The Mayng March 05, 2014
When a female is attractive enough to cause a wish for spontaneous fapping to males who notice the female.

When a female manages to raise her overall looks ratings, by make up, clothing options and other means, to a degree where most males would feel the spontaneous need to fap when they see her.
- Hey check this babe I know on Facebook. She is so fapable....
- Hang on I am getting the tissues

-Hi Barbara, I never thought you could look so fapable,
but you really went overboard with your make up today.
by hop hop hop hop September 18, 2013

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