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Bard of EverQuest, perhaps the most annoying yet impossible to hate.
Fansy the Famous Bard says "Go Go Good Team!"
by zoey August 31, 2003
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A fan of the Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey team (nickname: Habs).

Fansy is a contraction of the words 'fickle' and 'pansy' - two traits shared by Habs fans the world over.
The fansy cheered against Boston when the Bruins knocked the Habs out of the playoffs.
by StanleyCup June 03, 2011
A person who becomes a fan of everything on a social network, simply for the sake of becoming a fan. Even though they may have never done/seen/or eaten any of the things they are becoming fans of. One does this to be popular or "cooler".
Person 1: Did you see mikes page? Hes became a fan of pudding, just because his new girl friend is in love with pudding.
Person 2: Mike doesn't even like pudding man.
Person 1: I know.
Person 2: What a fansy...
by elementkidd May 14, 2009

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